She has that spark, you know, when you meet someone and know that they have something special to share with the world. That’s Shannon.
— Drew Daywalt, NY Times Best Selling Author

Shannon Lark is an award-winning filmmaker and entrepreneur. 

Lark has founded and held leadership positions for several companies (non-profit and for-profit) and has production management experience that extends over 18 years. She excels at project management, team building, contract negotiation (closing and delivery), as well as relations, branding, marketing, PR, sales, and sponsorships.

Noted as having "a highly original vision", Lark is also a director, producer, and screenwriter whose work has been distributed and screened at hundreds of festivals worldwide, garnering awards, nominations, and accolades. As an actress, her fearless commitment to complex, multi-layered characters has led to groundbreaking performances in over 48 independent films.