Shannon Lark
Entrepreneur. Filmmaker.



Irene Langholm

photo manipulation artist

“I am convinced that Shannon is a cyborg vixen with superpowers, being able to manage all us little trolls running around with such ease, and to achieve everything that she does. Apart from being a shining talent in so many areas, she's also irrationally gorgeous, and one of the loveliest individuals I've ever worked with.”

Chris Hallock


"Lark's work doesn't exist so seedy dudes can jerk off on their parent's iPads. It's there to provoke, to challenge, to bring convention to its uptight knees."

Drew Daywalt


"Lark has taken the Viscera Film Festival spotlighting women filmmakers, from a place of total obscurity to being one of the most prestigious and well attended film festivals in Los Angeles. I can't recommend her enough. She's bright, intuitive, academic, forward thinking, self promoting and incredibly gifted both behind and in front of the camera. She has that spark, you know, when you meet someone and know that they have something special to share with the world. That's Shannon."

Sarah Marloff


"A traveler, dog-lover, and self-described 'health nut,' Lark might be one of Hollywood’s few genuine people."

Lori Bowen


“Shannon Lark is a fantastically talented actress and an audacious writer and director. She’s incredibly easy to work with and is tenacious in the pursuit of her vision or the vision of the filmmaker she’s collaborating with, be it for a role, a script, or an organization like Viscera and, to top it all off, she’s one of the nicest people on earth. There are too few people like Shannon in the world.”

Barbara Stepansky


"I cannot speak more highly of Shannon Lark than saying that I'd like to be reborn as Shannon Lark."

M. Mrakota Orsman

graphic designer

“I've known the inimitable Ms. Lark since 2006, and have watched her reinvent herself time and again.  Each new evolution pushes her artistic boundaries and is she is always the epitome of cutting edge.  No matter if you know her as peerless performer, as innovative impresario, or as feminist filmmaker fighting for the creative rights of the not-so-weaker sex…it's always done with laser focus, bullish determination, and irresistible charisma. God help Hollywood if it ever catches up to her. She's a force to be reckoned with.”

Karen Lam


"Shannon Lark's dedication to championing female genre filmmakers through the Viscera Organization, and her passion for our craft inspires all of us. She pushes us to keep the bar high, and challenges us to define our work and our stories, on our own terms."

Larry Wade Carrell


"This is who Shannon Lark is. Making movies is what she does. Her passion for it is honest, infectious and contagious. She is 100% in, totally committed. It was inspiring, to the cast and the crew and to me."

Theron Neel


"Shannon Lark is one of the most creative people I've ever met, but she is also one of the most driven people I've ever met. If you don't know, this is a rare combination. There is nothing this woman can't do: act, write, direct, produce, dance, run a major nonprofit organization. And it's not just that she can do these things — she does do these things, and better than most. She is so accomplished that it can be a little overwhelming to work with her. Thankfully, Shannon is also one of the nicest people I've ever met."

Kerry Beyer

photographer, filmmaker

"The lovely and talented Shannon lark is the embodiment of what an actress should be...dedicated, giving, and tirelessly supporting the film community!"

Michelle Tomlinson

actress, filmmaker

"Shannon Lark is an amazing visionary and a creative force.  Whether it's taking the Viscera Film Festival to new heights, producing a project from a Feature Film to a Web Series to Demo Scenes, Lark brings with her a professionalism and discipline that's very inspiring.  She surrounds herself with a top notch crew who rise to meet her standards of doing an incredible job.  Between being a fearless Actor, Film Festival Director and Film Producer, Lark is the full package and knows how to execute and see things through to completion.  In short, Shannon Lark rocks and I will always be thrilled to work with her on anything."

Maude Michaud


"Shannon Lark is simply amazing! Not only does she have a flawless work ethic, she dedicates her entire being to the characters she plays and constantly gives her 100%. Furthermore, her knowledge and understanding of the different aspects of film production make her an asset on set and her enthusiasm is contagious."

Hannah Neurotica

writer, filmmaker

"Shannon Lark dedicates her life to creating opportunities and visibility for women in genre filmmaking. A writer, filmmaker, and founder of the Viscera Organization she continues to exhibit passion and grace while working her ass off in order to bring her visions to the world."

Cory Udler

writer, filmmaker

"Shannon is the kind of talent and person that I will find a way to include in everything I do. Professionalism aside, her personality and attitude towards the low budgets to no budgets make her an absolute gift to work with. Shannon firmly believes in every single role she takes on and it shines through. I'm a better writer and filmmaker for having worked with her."

Andrea Albin


"Shannon's contributions to entertainment go well beyond her obvious on-screen talent. She does just about everything one can do to get ahead in this industry and she does it with a bang - with a personality that most could never match. Shannon is incredible both personally and professionally, and I believe that amazing things are going to happen for her. In fact, I know that they are."

Jason Hawkins

Director of The Innocent, The Devil Knows His Own, & 15: Inside the mind of a Serial Killer

"Getting to know Shannon has been a real honor - I've found her energy, passion, and creativity to be second to none. Not just a strong actress, but a strong woman, who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go after it."

Dr. Sorcha Ni Fhlainn

gothic/horror academic, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

"Working in front of, and behind, the camera, and deserving specific praise for her contributions to feminist horror, Shannon Lark's dynamic career with Viscera and genre cinema is testament to her talent and (bloody!) hard work. A genuine pleasure to work with and an important voice for women in the genre film industry.” 

Rebekah McKendry

Director of Marketing, Fangoria Entertainment/filmmaker

“Shannon Lark is paving the way for female filmmakers to not only be an active part of the genre, but also get much needed exposure for their work.”

Mae Catt


"Shannon's work with Viscera has opened up a whole new world for me. She has introduced me to my own and made a place for myself and women in the horror community. For that, I will always be grateful."

Mel House


"Shannon is straight up bad-ass: she's talented, nuanced, gorgeous, and just the right amount of twisted to totally get the whacked out stuff that I write. Where other actresses might shy away from the darkness, Shannon barrels in, wielding a blood spattered baseball bat to destroy any light bulbs that dare to still remain lit.  In case you're wondering, that's a good thing. The best, in my book."

Stacy Hammon

director of bubbles

“Lark is not your grandma's feminist; she burns the bra off while you are still wearing it.”

Dean Karr

photographer, filmmaker

"Lark is continually setting the bar for women in the biz, her drive is contagious." 

Joe Hollow


"Shannon Lark is so full of life and beyond talented...she’s brilliant. She works in so many areas of the film and she has the passion, hunger and true love for the game. I can't say enough about her. Its a true honor and pleasure working with her."

C. Love

fine artist, fx

"I had the honor to work with Shannon Lark on an indie film a few years ago, experiencing her professionalism and passion and utter commitment for what she does!"

Heidi Honeycutt

journalist, film programmer

"Lark is at the forefront of creative change in the horror industry; she's a driven professional with a highly original vision."

Dennis Willman


"Shannon Lark is one of those rare people that can embody the class, experience, beauty and professionalism that the industry sorely lacks today."

Jen Starr


"Lark is an electrifying person."

Vincent Damyanovich 

FX artist

"Impressive, the combination Lark's passion and professionalism make her an asset on any project, definitely look forward to collaborating with her again."

Elisabeth Fies


"Shannon is a tireless freedom fighter and source of hope for her sister female filmmakers everywhere. She has done more to help women in horror than you can imagine."

Stacie Ponder

writer, filmmaker

"Shannon Lark has an incredible work ethic. She's as driven and hard-working as she is talented- a deadly combination. The GOOD deadly, I mean...she's not a murderer. Although if she was, she'd excel at that, too.

Chris Waters


"Shannon has to be one of the most professional, driven, and talented artists I've ever had the pleasure of working with.”

Michael Colburn


"Shannon Lark is truly the most stellar actress I have had the privilege of working with on a set! Beautiful, talented and a truly humble actress, who could ask for more...what a true honor to work with talent of this caliber!"